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The Next Web Foundation

Let's build the Next Web.

You deserve the freedom, privacy, and security of a better Web.

Who are we?

We're a team of builders and dreamers with a vision for what the Next Web could be — an open and secure network that preserves basic human rights, including privacy, the freedom of speech, and the widespread availability of opportunity.

We were born out of our inherent freedom to question old ways, to innovate and imagine new paths, and to organize around action among like-minded individuals.

We all share a passion for a truly decentralized web, and plan to use our experience to build a safe and secure future for all.

To fulfill this vision we are launching the Next Web Foundation, an organization committed to investing in open-source software and the people who are building the next web.


Alena Vranova

Alena was Founder and CEO of SatoshiLabs, which created TREZOR, SlushPool, and CoinMap. She also built several successful businesses in finance at Société Générale,, and INSIA.

Eric Martindale

Eric led open-source strategy at BitPay (ChainDB, Copay, Bitcore...), and was responsible for the Elements Project while at Blockstream. He now works on Fabric, a protocol for serverless apps.

Pablo Coirolo

Pablo was CEO of Telefónica Data Uruguay, the founder of Debifone (the first mobile payment platform in Latin America), and the founder of Ficus Capital Peru, a leading M&A company in the region.

“I want a web that's open, works internationally, works as well as possible, and is not nation-based.”

– Timothy Berners-Lee (inventor of the web)

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If you want to help us build the future of the Internet, please do get in touch. We're excited to include you.